2018 5 5 days

A local co-op twin stick shooter. Models, sound and mesh destruction were taken from assetstore packages.

A global game jam project with a theme of “transmission”. We did not manage to finish the game in time so this is the stage at which we had submitted. Gameplay is different genders shooting and you have to avoid the “bullets”.

2017 5 5 days

Remade a popular board game called Secret Hitler.
The theme has been changed as Students and Developers. Where students are doing QA work and find bugs and developers make bug fixes. Networking has been achieved using UNET transport layer. Video shows 8 client instances and a local server running on Windows 10.

2017 1 3 days

Added UNET HLAPI to Nightmares unity demo.

2017 2 5 days

It is a 2D multiplayer arena fighter where you have to push others off. Total 5days of development.

2016 3 2 weeks

Multiplayer 3D space shooting game. Using UNET HLAPI toon shaders from unity A$ and models, skybox by made by artist. Networking, UI, shooting mechanic were done by me.

2016 1 5 days

Practiced adding networking to UI. In this example you can select teams, setup server, etc and everything is synced and verified by the server.

2015 1 5 days

Remade a classic game called Battlecity.

2015 1 4 days

First ever game with unity without following tutorials.